FandomClan is a secret clan run by Lunastar (Moonpaw). It operates on the Food is good and Moonkit thinks so Wiki. If she gets enough people, she will start a roleplay.

Allegiances[edit | edit source]

Leader:[edit | edit source]

Lunastar (refrence to MLP and Harry Potter, Moonpaw)

Deputy:[edit | edit source]

Mabelheart (Mapleheart)

Medicine Cat:[edit | edit source]

Scrollmist (Lup)

Medicine Cat Apprentice:[edit | edit source]

Fyrefly (Streamy)

Warriors:[edit | edit source]

Apprentices:[edit | edit source]

Kits:[edit | edit source]

Elders:[edit | edit source]

How to become a part of FandomClan[edit | edit source]

1. Think of a Fandom

2. Think of a preson, place, or thing from it

3. Put a prefix or suffix in front of it

4. Comment your name and rank down below

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